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Hi! I’m Leigh Anna. (first and middle name–I’m Southern)

I’m a thirty-something with a long to-do list and an even longer bucket list. My husband Julio and I have been married since we were babies (15 years this year) and now have two babies of our own. I work both sides of my brain pretty hard. I’m a board certified hospital pharmacist. After seven years of caring for critically ill adults, I made the switch to pediatrics. I learn something new every day. I also find great satisfaction from being creative. I love spending time with my family, watching my kids grow and learn, travel, good food, parties and entertaining, home decor, clothes, and educating myself and my family. I love listening to podcasts, all things Disney, and am obsessed with Hamilton.

There are lots of new things I want to try and to experience but I sometimes talk myself out of them. I find excuses for being too busy or fear of failure. Can you relate? I can fall into the comparison trap thinking that I’m not qualified to do something that others make look so easy. But when I push myself, I never regret it. I’m trying hard to turn the reasons I think I “should not” into SO WHY NOT give it a shot?!

Make sure to check out my podcast. I talk about a wide range of interesting topics and have some amazing guests that have so much to share. I’ll also share some of my projects and ideas on my blog and Instagram.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here and I look forward to growing as a community. It means so much!