Is this really happening?  It’s happening!  Welcome to the introductory episode of “So why not?”

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been listening to podcasts for the last 5 years. I love them for:  entertainment, education, inspiration. I don’t just sit still and listen. I’m always multitasking:  driving, laundry, cleaning the house, getting ready, working on projects. I get hooked and I don’t want to stop.

Let’s go back further before we get to why this is a good fit for me. I grew up in rural northwest Florida. My parents provided an ideal childhood. My dad was a veterinarian and my Mom was a pharmacist before I was born, then a stay at home mom and became the bookkeeper/secretary/office manager for my dad’s veterinary practice. My parents gave me every opportunity our small area could provide:  piano lessons, sports, private art lessons.

I was always a good student. I went through various stages of wanting a career in an artistic field:  fashion design and graphic design were my top two contenders. My mom and my aunt taught me how to sew.  I learned how to make my own clothes. There weren’t a lot of shopping options in my small town so I would just make my own when I needed something new or got tired of what was in my closet. I even altered my prom dresses.

By my junior year of high school, I felt like I had to get serious about deciding on my career. I still felt the urge to do something creative. At my parents’ reasoning, I decided on pharmacy. One of my jobs during high school was at a retail pharmacy that was also half sporting goods store. There were lots of funny memories there.

My husband, Julio, and I got married right after high school. I completed prereqs at a community college, worked at a CVS as a tech and volunteered at a local hospital. I only applied to one school and miraculously got in. Even during the interview I was asked if I didn’t choose pharmacy, what would I be doing. I said fashion design.

Survived through pharmacy school. It was a hard four years. I got to graduation and could not imagine working in retail for the rest of my life. During my student rotations, I fell in love with hospital pharmacy. I decided to apply for residency and I matched. I also have a Board Certification. You can say I’m pretty invested in pharmacy.

I am grateful for my career, for the impact I can make and the service I provide, the relationships I have made with my coworkers over the years. 

At all times of my life, I have made sure to have a creative outlet, whether it was making my own art for our apartment, cooking, crafts, party planning, home decor. A few years ago I started a T-shirt shop. I learned about graphic design, learned how to build a website, and all about e-commerce. Last year we did some influencing on Instagram. It was fun to partner with other companies and create content. I do not envy influencers though. It takes a lot of time and effort to create that content on a consistent basis.

It’s always been hard to pick just one thing. I have a lot of interests. Besides creativity: my family and improving relationships, travel, I’m a Disney parks fanatic, racial justice and equality and educating myself and my children, I’m a foodie, and I love a good human interest story.

The list of things bouncing around in my head is pretty long. And I’m an expert on just about….nothing.

When I was asked to be a teacher to the women’s class in my church during college, most of the other women were a decade older than me. They were educated, some were moms who had people that depended on them. They had done things. I had done…NOTHING. I felt so inadequate. I still feel a lot like that but now I know their secret: No one knows what they’re doing all the time.  We’re all just making it up as we go.

But now I’ve done a few more things and I have a little more to talk about. That’s why I feel excited about a Podcast

I could think of all of the reasons I should not do this:

I’m under qualified

Someone else could do this so much better

And say just the right thing at just the right time

People have been podcasting for so many years; I’m so far behind

And all of that is true.

Do you ever think about when you use the word “should”? To me, that word carries guilt and shame and obligation. I really try to not use it. Notice when you use the word “should” and what kind of feelings you associate with that word.

That’s where “So why not?” comes from.  Instead of focusing on all of the reasons I “should not,” I’m challenging myself to try something new, to grow, to learn from others.  And I hope you’ll join me.

I plan on recording episodes on my own on some of the topics I’m passionate about but I also have some exciting interviews planned with people that are doing some really cool things.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to listen.  I’m so excited for what is to come.  I can’t wait to talk to you again soon.  Bye!

Ep. 01: So why not… get to know a little about me?

On this episode, I’m talking about my background, why I’m so excited about this Podcast, and what you can expect for future episodes. I hope you’ll join me.  Thanks so much for taking the time to listen!

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