Highlights included in this episode:

Not just applicable to birthdays

Could use this idea for any milestone:  anniversary, celebrating an accomplishment (graduation, promotion), a big move

35 things to do before I turn 35

  1. Travel somewhere new
  2. Submit gameshow application
  3. Read 6 books (How to be an Anti-racist, Please don’t sit on my bed in your outside clothes, You are a badass at making money, Outliers, Can’t even: how millennials became the burnout generation, Just Mercy)
  4. 150+ Peloton rides
  5. Complete Podcast growth course
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Play a LMM song on the piano
  8. List all clothes on Poshmark
  9. Organize closet
  10. Interview 10 people I don’t know
  11. Invite 3 new families over for dinner
  12. Get a pedicure
  13. Road trip to a national park
  14. Go to a museum
  15. See a play or musical
  16. Go on a fancy date on the strip
  17. Go to a festival
  18. Read with kids daily
  19. Donate blood
  20. Go to the public library
  21. Host a party
  22. Paint a wall or furniture
  23. Go to a state fair
  24. Go to a new baseball stadium
  25. Go to a show on the strip
  26. Do a taste test as a family
  27. Make and distribute bags for homeless individuals
  28. Get a massage
  29. Go to Red Rock
  30. Ride the High Roller
  31. See a 4D movie
  32. Valley of Fire
  33. Have a Yes Day
  34. Croissants from scratch
  35. Start a fundraiser

Takeaways and ideas:

・Write it down 

・Be specific (SMART goals:  specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound)

・Give yourself a reasonable amount of time (maybe a full year before)

・Consider new experiences or activities/ideas you haven’t done in a while or would like to prioritize (not a routine, mundane to-do list)

・You get to make the rules:  no one right way to make this list.  You can change it as you go to make it work for you.  Adjust your list to your interests and schedule or resources.

・Follow-up and reflect on your accomplishments or your experiences

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio: “If you don’t look back at yourself and think, ‘Wow, how stupid I was a year ago,’ then you must not have learned much in the last year.”

Other episodes included:

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Ep 30:  So why not… try something new with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Ep 35:  So why not… have a taste test?

Ep 39: So why not… intentionally celebrate a milestone?

Move over New Year’s resolutions.  If you could look back on celebrating a milestone intentionally, what would you want to remember?  How could you reframe commemorating a big moment in your life as an intentional time period in addition to that instance?

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